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Monday, July 20, 2009

Picnic/Yacht Club/Classified July 18-19 2009

Well is was an incredible weekend for a Picnic and Yacht Race...  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the 140+ who showed up for a bounty of wonderful food, including a Gumbo that I thought was straight out of New Orleans...
For those who did not go; De Luz Fire Chief, Mike Manchor reiterated that if you live within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant, you insurance rating is 5.9.  Further than that it is 9...  A 5.9 is the same rating given to Fallbrook.  So check with your insurance agent if you think you're still under the old rating of 10, because you'll save a whole lot of money.
Yacht Races went well and I'm happy too report the results as given to me, because I not only forget pictures at the Picnic, I also failed to show at the races...  Here they are:
RACE #1       1st. - Phil
                      2nd. - Howard
                      3rd. - Jeff
                      4th. - Vic
                      5th. - Sue
RACE #2       1st. - Jeff
                      2nd. - Phil
                      3rd. - Howard
                      4th. - Vic
                      5th. - Sue
And, finally we have another classified ad from Woody, who has a rental available..
Country living.  $1200/mo.  2bd /1bth, lau rm, internet, aircond all utilities incl.,  NO PETS.
Call Woody at 760 723 5351 or 760 468 8230.
Hope everyone had a safe weekend and sorry we didn't get to see more folks at the Picnic...  Later this year the other side of De Luz will hold their Picnic which is also a spectacular event, along with a contest for best main dish, salad and desert.  Keep checking the http://DeLuzNews.Net for the date!  Lets all remember we live in De Luz and we need to come together!
That's all for now.
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