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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yacht Club Race June 20,2009

Hello all,
It was an absolutely beautiful day for a yacht race...  There was a field of 3 yachts; 2 Lasers and 1 Hobie Cat...
The Hobie was piloted by Doug in the 1st race and by his wife Maggie in the 2nd race.  Phil and Vic piloted the Lasers.
First race results:  1st-Phil, 2nd-Doug and 3rd-Vic - Race time:  7:14:32
Second race results: 1st-Phil, 2nd-Vic and 3rd-Maggie - Race time: 13:30:90
Missing where Yacht Club Members Howard, Wes, Sue, Jeff and the Fire Chief Mike.....  They have been missing in action the last couple of weeks.  What's up yachters, you're giving that Trophy away.  Phil keeps piling up 1st place points and is establishing a strong lead. 
Also posted some more pictures from the Deluza Palooza, be sure to check them out!
Hope everyone voted for Arf and also forwarded the information on the free puppies.
Ciao to all....And hope your weekend is going great!
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